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South Africa is steadily being destroyed by corrupt and incompetent politicians at all levels of government. I have for months now been trying to find a way to get the residents to take control of their own destiny and not just have a vote every 5 years to elect politicians based on false promises.

I have started to develop a web site called ourekurhuleni which aims at getting the residents of this one (but very large) metropolitan municipality to start taking control of their elected councilors. My goal is to do the same for all 8 metropolitan municipalities in the country.

There are 278 municipalities in South Africa, comprising eight metropolitans, 44 district and 226 local municipalities. They are focused on growing local economies and providing infrastructure and service.

As explained on the web site “The main aim of the web site is to allow residents to get in control of their own metropolitan and to start letting the councilor understand that they report to the residents and not vice-versa”.

Getting this initiative to really get going is going to take more resources than I can do by myself (as a retired professional who has lost heavily due to the pandemic). I am looking to get some young and old entrepreneurs on board to really get some traction with this initiative and ultimately to get central government under the control of the people.

With 11 official languages it is challenging to favour any 1 so I have chosen to call this project “Mundus Noster “ – Latin “Our Country”.

In essence – this project is vitally important to all stakeholders in the country – especially those with roots in the country and significant business interests. I feel that it is really in everyone’s interest to help restore South Africa to its former glory and hope that Nelson Mandela gave us in 1994.

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