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On May 31, 2022, my father fell off his chair. I took him to Karl Bremer and the doctor told me that my father only has a few scratches and that it is not serious. I also asked the doctor if she could please prescribe morphine for my father because his is finished and he won’t get his until the 8th of June at the pain clinic.

I told her that my father must not go without his morphine because he has been on morphine since 1995 due to back operations. June 9th, I take my father to hospital because he started twitching and therefore signs of morphine withdrawal. My father didn’t move that much but I warned the night matron my father was having a fit and she told me that she knew my father’s medical history (thus cellulitis and heart failure) I told her not to say I didn’t let her know ahead of time. When I saw my father pull tight and back and wince. I then ran with him to the emergency unit and the doctor said he therefore suspected a blood clot affecting the brain. I explained to him about morphine and that it is morphine withdrawal. His words to me were, if I said it to him 1 more time, he would chase me out of the hospital and then have nothing more to say to me. My father then went to Tygerberg hospital where the MRI scan was done, and the Dr. told me that it was due to the morphine withdrawal. My father got a strip in the left side of the front of the brain. A month passed and my father was dismissed.

He was only at home for 1 day, so I took him to the Kraaifontein day clinic where he was admitted again in Karl Bremer. My father was on antibiotics. Then the Dr. called me and said he was on a strong dose. My father was then sent from ward 4 to ward 5. When I got to him there was no drip and no needle in the arm. I spoke to the sister on duty, and she said there was nothing found in his file. The head sister Felix and Vermeulen came to me and asked what was wrong and I explained to them where they had the Dr. from the ER came to put in a drip.  My father was then transferred to Brackengate Clinic.

I lay there for a long time and the doctor updated me and said the bedsores on his back and both heels looked very nice. According to her, they struggled with the waffrim levels because then it was either too high or too low. When I got there one night and asked to look at the bedsores. The sister told me that she was not allowed to open it. I then asked the sister how big the bedsore was, and she said 7x5x3cm. The next day the Dr. calls me and says the waffrim levels are fine but the bed sore is the problem. Quite coincidental because I feel that they hid it from me. She also lied to me and said stage 3. I said I wanted to see it and she showed me a picture of how it looked when my father got there and how it looked then.  Looks like my dad is rotting away. Then a machine was put on him that sucked out the garbage.  And that didn’t help, and my father was sent back to Karl Bremer on 24 Aug to go for an operation to clean the bedsore.

My father’s blood pressure remains very low, and he has been on blood plasma for 2 days now. Because the bed score is very low due to the waffrim that Brackengate gave my father for too long. 1 Oct I talk to the Dr. and he tells me that the waffrim was stopped when my father arrived at Karl Bremer, so he’s been back for a week but the level is 5.8 which is very dangerous and they’re trying to get it right now before he goes to the theater or he will bleed to death. I asked him what stage the bedsore is, and he said stage 4 i.e. beyond the leg where it starts to affect the organs. I have bipolar disorder and I worship the ground my father walks on. I can literally see every day how quickly he goes backwards and psychologically it has a very big effect on me too because I can’t see my father like that. I sent many complaints to Brackengate and Karl Bremer.

My father’s body is so sore you can’t even touch him. My father keeps crying. Oja, when he fell off the chair, his left side eye was blue and quite coincidentally the side where he got the strips. I feel that the rout could have been prevented if the night matrons had only listened.  Then things wouldn’t have gone this way. I sent photos, videos, emails to Karl Bremer and Brackengate clinic’s complaints department. My phone picks up every call that the hospital and doctors have called. Stage 4 bedsores can progress to septicemia and gangrenous and therefore now progressing to the organs.

Can you help me please.

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