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Hi everyone, my name is Angie Venter and I’m 32-year-old single mom of 2 beautiful kids. 5 Years ago, it felt like my world ended when my grandfather passed away and I was the one finding his body. I knew my grandmother had Alzheimer’s and I loved her dearly, so she was my responsibility. My grandparents were my everything, so I started my own business from home buying and reselling of preloved clothing and shoes I also bought jewelry.

I lived with my parents, and I could provide for my grandmother and kids and could support my parents. I give half of the money for my mom. Even though through tough times doors did always open and I’ve managed. This year in June I lost my grandmother and my whole world fell apart. My dad went on pension. My business took a knock.

I always do donations to people I know struggles because I know how it feels. I try to provide for my kids the best way that I can. I buy locally from people, and I used to buy sometimes just to help them financially and donate. I try to keep a high standard on what I sell even though I sell at very low prices. I was everything as well.

I have my Facebook group and page and also my WhatsApp status and group to post on and I also advertise on other groups. Anyone can check it is Stay Beautiful preloved clothing. A few of my old clients died from covid and lost their jobs but I always strive to find new clients I courier to every part of South Africa. I always perform best under pressure and always build relationships with customers. I’m like the friend they can just let it all out.

This business taught me a lot and made me stay humble. But lately bad luck keeps striking. And my parents told me I need to get out of the flat so that they can rent it out due to my dad’s pension not being enough. Even though I give half my income. Door after door keeps closing. I might end up with no home with my kids and no business. I hit a huge pothole with my car, so my car needs to be fixed. I need to get a place but can’t afford to give a deposit on the rent. Old clients want new stock, but I don’t have the finances to buy new stock. My prices stay the same, but people want more money if I buy. I usually ordered from Shien jewelry and resell but it’s not enough and I don’t have the finances to go big. People get angry because I can’t help anymore.

I stress. I feel like I am failing. I never give up. But all the doors keep closing. I even tried a raffle but it’s just covering the cost of the price. And I sit today my son’s birthday is now the 19th. I have no idea if I’m going to have a home on Christmas and presents and then comes the school stuff. And it’s the first Christmas my gran is not here. I used to buy her a new outfit and a gift and then some food to spoil the other old people.

My heart always broke because families just throw them away. I’m 32 and my own parents considered money more important. Saddest part every month I’ve saved up to fix this flat to make it a home, furniture that I fixed up gave it new life and I must just leave it all behind, blood, sweat and tears, my hard work. (Was I just used by my own parents) I always was an outcast due to my good heart due to that I take the time to listen and to help.

That’s why I love my job I love seeing that I make a difference like I said I buy locally. Sometimes families need help sometimes parents work from home and create things that I buy and resell. This year my stock is low, I don’t have presents, school accessories is not ready, yet my car is barely driving, and I live on a gravel road, I can’t donate, I can’t spoil the old people and I might just lose everything because I don’t have the finances to keep my head above water.

I never ask for help I always make a plan I always pray, doors always open. Now I pray and I’m sitting in silence with everything going through my mind, no plans, I have my goals. I have me strive to fight. But at night when my kids sleep, I cry. I can’t let them stay on the street I can’t lose my business I worked hard these 5 years it may be small but it’s my pride I never begged I work late nights I’m there for my kids. I was there for my gran. I’ve never put me first. When I can help, I help and don’t expect something back, yet God always made a way out. I sit and I’m in tears.

How do you ask for financial help when so many other people need it more but then I must think of my kids. I have to put this ego aside. For the first time I must ask for help. My soul is bending yet I face the world with a smile not wanting to put my burdens on other people. But I’m breaking I can’t stand strong alone anymore. I need help. I really need a helping hand. I can’t lose my business it’s my income my only income if my car breaks further I’m stuck outside of town.

I need to drive do buy and deliver and courier. If I can’t pay a deposit on the rent I can’t find a place, everything is a chain reaction one thing needs the other thing. I’m scared. I’m lost and confused. I was there for so many people but I’m alone I have no one not even my parents. Yet they say they love me, but actions speaks louder than words.

There’s a saying if you don’t ask you cannot receive. If you don’t try you will never know if you can win. Well, I’m not giving up I’m fighting for my kids and for my business so I’m asking for financial help. Maybe somewhere out there is someone who was in my position. Who know how it feels. I got my smile on my face even though I’m breaking inside. But I will keep on believing and fighting and if it means I have to ask for help I will. Because I can’t afford to lose my small business. I just can’t.

Someone please help. Please.

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