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My story… When I fell pregnant, it was an unexpected but welcome surprise! I knew it was a blessing from God! I was working at a daycare at the time. When I was 7 weeks pregnant, I had a threatening miscarriage at work and was put on bed rest for a week. Once I returned to work, at 8 weeks I had another threatening miscarriage and was put on another week’s bed rest. When I returned to work, I was stopped at the gate and told I don’t have work there anymore… About a week later my husband lost his job too… Finding work in South Africa is a struggle and we have been searching high and low for work, so far to no avail…

We have a beautiful daughter and having to look into her eyes when there is no food in the fridge is heart wrenching… Everything since has been a nightmare… We STRUGGLE to put food on the table for our toddler, my unborn son still needs a lot of things, our car is broken and needs urgent repairs which we cannot afford, and I can go into labour any day as I am at the end of my pregnancy. My family is in urgent need of assistance to survive and turning to this platform is our last desperate attempt to get financial help as we have tried everything else…

We still continue to search for work but need urgent assistance to fix the car to assist with job hunting and we need to put food on the table for our little one and for me as my unborn son needs the nutrition… Any bit of help will be amazing and will make such a big difference in our lives. God bless.

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