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Restore our dignity! (#Re busetse seriti sa rona!)

What is Restore our Dignity?

After realising the struggle or plight that most underprivileged girls and young women face on a monthly basis, because of their menstrual cycle Project Restore our dignity was launched. Restore our dignity is the donation of a dignity pack to underprivileged girls and women in remote areas. Young women and girls will be educated on the menstrual  cycle,  use, and disposal of the sanitary towels.

Who is the project aimed at?

Underprivileged Young women and girls in remote areas

Why the project?

Research shows that girls miss close to 2/3 days of school because of the lack of sanitary towels. This lack leads to girl’s resorting to using unhygienic items such as old newspaper, tree barks, dirty pieces of clothes, grass. The list is endless, these items may cause infections or cervical cancer.

Most girls are also embarrassed and humiliated because of their lack of sanitary towels! We are restoring the dignity that was lost to all young women and girls! They will no longer be objects of ridicule and shame!

How can you help?

Supporting our donation drives! Through supporting our fundraising activities.

Donate a pad today and build a confident lady tomorrow. Together we can.


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