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At a young age I was bullied for being flat chested as a girl and at the prime age of 19 years old I was lucky enough to have a subtle surgery done to enhance my breasts so I could look more like a girl.

We are now 12 years later, and I have recently had the most gorgeous baby boy.

It was after pumping breast milk for him that I started to notice my breast implants starting to ‘deflate’.

On the 17 November 2022 as my boy reached 3 months old, my husband and I noticed that the implants started to collapse, and it was made known that I have a ruptured implant.

It is essential that I have surgery to remove the implants but without the help of medical aid, thisĀ  surgery is a large expense which my husband and I did not plan for so soon after having a baby.

The cost of the surgery is R70 000.00. If you would like to help me in getting this surgery, any amount big or small will be so greatly appreciated!

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