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Our twins turn 13 this year… Which means a very social life, but with us as parents we have been very strict in them going anywhere without us. We live in a very unstable and unsafe country with kidnappings, murder, and rape lurking around every corner. We love South Africa, but the reality is that it hasn’t been a safe country to live in.

We have been trying to save enough money to relocate to the republic of Ireland or even Canada for many years but having only enough to barely survive each month we have been unsuccessful. We are now drowning in debt after making a bank loan to help family and have put ourselves under administration. Every time we think it’s over then life happens.

My husband and I have been together for almost 18 years and 14 years ago we attended a seminar for immigration to New Zealand. Our plan was to relocate, get settled and then start a family, our twins were a huge surprise! We have always talked about starting a family where we could guarantee safety but as I said, Life happens. The past +-10 years have been tough, we have helped so many family members over the years because we know what it feels like to struggle financially.

My father in-law lived with us for almost 3 years because of cancer and passed in 2020, straight after that my mom moved in with us after losing my stepdad to septicemia. We have been working to the bone and it feels like we have nothing to show for it.

We need help, we need a break. We need to give our children a better safer future where they can grow and improve. We need to kill our debt so that we can start saving for immigration. We are desperate for help. There are many more important causes out there and I feel ashamed for asking for help but helping us would mean the world to us, it would mean that we can give our children the future that we dreamed of.

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