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My name is Marina, I am 54 years old, and currently a student at the North-West University of South Africa, where I am doing my final year towards my Ph.D., studying in Nutrition Science. I have always had the goal of gaining knowledge about how different foods and nutrients can relate to health promotion and disease prevention (such as hypertension, diabetes, or cancer).

Often women spend decades of their lives dedicated to raising children and keeping a home comfortable. As a result, their dreams of completing college or university are not urgent or important and put on the back burner. Once their children are older, women have a golden opportunity to finally take care of themselves and build a future based on their personal goals.

In 2009 I got a great opportunity to study at North-West University of SA, but I faced my biggest fear. We always hear the ‘voices’ such as “Don’t be unrealistic”, “You’re not smart enough”, “They’ll never let you in”, or “You’re not like the rest of the young students”, etc. But I did it!

In 2012, I received my BSc degree in Health Sciences and Nutrition, Physiology and in 2015, my MSc degree in Nutrition. In 2018, I’m doing my final year in the Doctoral study.  There have been so many obstacles to get to this point, but it has been worth it. My biggest issue today is covering tuition fees and other relative study expenses.  I really can’t do this without your help.

Unfortunately, it is almost impossible to receive the scholarships for people like me, probably because nobody ever expects that people like me can really study at the university (because I’m too old to be considered as a student). Mostly, funds provide scholarships with an age restriction of 35.  For people that are older, it makes impossible to return to education without taking out huge loans.

I will graciously and humbly accept any support that allows me to cover my study costs for 2018 study year. I will be eternally grateful!

So far I’ve raised R9 000, but I need at least R50 000 to cover all the cost for 2018. All the donations will go directly to the university student account.

Thank you very much.

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