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I’d like to introduce myself first, my name is Danya Godwin, I’m a waitress and single mother of a 6-year-old boy (Bodhi), who escaped out of a toxic home early this year and moved in with my family in PE. I’m the older sister to two brothers. The one is 17 (James) who’s busy with his matric, and the other (Jon) is an 18-year-old with autism. My mother (Sharon) is a widow who was a housewife her entire life, not knowing much about life or how to survive it, with that, she has schizophrenia, bipolar and dissociative identify disorder.

My stepfather died of Covid a year ago, he was the one who always took care of her mental illness. This has had a lot of mental strain on her which has landed her in the mental institution called Elizabeth Donkin early this year. Upon being released, she was okay for a few months but is well on her way  to landing back in the institution as she is showing clear signs of being insane. I’ve done my best to try and support and guide my family, however I’ve reached a point where I could potentially lose my job because of my work performance which is has been affected by stress of having everything on my shoulders. I plan on helping the three of them apply for housing at Imizihousing projects as the property we are renting has been sold. I’m in the process of applying for myself and my son separately, he’s been through enough toxicity.

Here’s where I’m pleading for a hand with donations and even open to advise on how to handle my situation:

I need funds for my mother for her mental health. To be submitted into a psychiatric hospital that will properly diagnose and treat my mother of her mental illness. The government hospital only had her traumatized and left without improvement.

I’m in need of a scooter to transport myself and my son to and from work and school. My son will be going to a new school for grade 1 next year, I need funds to pay for application fee, admin, uniform, and stationary fees. Lastly, first month’s rental and deposit for us.

I’ve been supporting the family with food and rent as much as I possibly can by selling belongings and minimum wages with tips. But I need a boost to get past this difficult time in our lives please.

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