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Hi, I’m Shoaib Sajid from South Africa I migrated from Pakistan for better life; I came to South Africa in 2019 October. I started working at building material after 2 years. I decided to start own shop I bought shop with $45k, $15k I paid cash other amount was on credit for 1 year.

In the first year I got crisis of robbery and windstorm; with windstorm I got loss of furniture shop, after few I got night stock robbery with 1 night, I lost $8k stock. After that robbers trying to steal stock again.

Then I decided to move stock to get shop credit down because I don’t want to lose money again. At the moment my credit limit is finished and I’m now on credit of $8k I already finished my home assist to complete this mission.

Now I don’t have money to come out from this situation I need your help maybe for donations, any amount has value for me I got until December time to pay. So, I come to different people to get help.

As long you can transfer to someone to help me God will bless You regarding Shoaib Sajid


I can show u proof

Seriously I’m not lying

Even I talk to someone organisation to help me

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