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I am a single mommy who has been struggling to get a job for the past 4 months, I am sending my CV out every day with no luck so far as of yet. I have been selling my furniture to provide for myself and my baby. My baby almost turning one and I can’t even buy him a present. The place I am currently renting I am behind on rent, and the landlord wants to get new tenants. I have nowhere to go when that happens.

I am asking very nicely today for donations so that I can please just buy food in the house and buy my baby what he needs (milk nappies etc.) I am desperate for help. Would you please be so kind as to assist me even a R50 will do, the reason why I put the amount so high is so that I can raise money for my baba and me to buy food and catch up on the rent that is behind.

Thank you.

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