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To everyone who has a desire to support me. My name is Elias Bashomba, I currently stay in Cape Town and I am married with one child. I have completed my tertiary education, unfortunately, I didn’t, get employed in my related to my field. However, I did get a construction job as Labour since 2019 .In March this year when COVID-19 hit our country, the construction company I was working for, closed due to the Lock Down. Now more than 30 labourers who were working for the company were retrench which I am included in.

I lost job and it is tough for me to support my family as I do not have any other alternative way to survive.

The reason why I come before anyone who have spirit to support people who are in difficult situation like me, to support me in order to raise money for start small business which will help me to keep life going during this period  while I am unemployed.

I need this support as from now because I would like start this small business because I am not able to provide support to my family. I currently go to stand at robots asking people for work, sometimes I get lucky and get a small job but not often. I realized that I can not take career to my family in this way

I am doing this fundraising because there is no other alternative way I can get small capital to start small business. I can not get loan as I am not working.

I wish to start small business of selling food, fruits where I will be able to make profit and help me to survive. I need to hire a small container which I will put next to where I live, to use selling and another money I will use to buy retailers for sales.

I hope to raise money by making request to the people who may feel to assist others I am also willing to fund another fundraising to see if I can get support.

I will appreciate your support which will improve my life.

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