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Hi, my name is Shahida. I’m from a small little coastal town called Great Brak River, between George and Glentana. As a young girl, I always wanted to be my own boss. While I was still in school, I used to work in coffee shops, restaurants and take away shops. I always wanted to be a qualified chef but didn’t have the money to study. So I kept on working in restaurants, building up very good experience.

After all these years I made peace that I will never be a qualified chef, and therefore I’ll always be underpaid. I feel that I deserve better than what people are paying me because I have so much experience and a passion for cooking, but just because I have no qualifications it’s a dead end for me. I love cooking, I love seeing people happy when they eat good food. And therefore I’ve come to a decision that I want to be my own boss. I want to make my own rules, cook what I want to cook and prepare it how I want. I want to start a street cuisine/ street food take away with a different flair in our area.

At the moment I have a home based take away shop, but I want to buy a food truck and continue sharing my love for food, and that’s why I’m asking for donations. Please, will you guys support me? I don’t have the money to buy that food truck. I want to make a success out of this so badly.

Please support a small business and you support a dream.

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