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I’m coming here with a very painful heart to ask you all for some help. I’m currently struggling to find work and I have a baby girl of one year old.

I would really like to buy her some stuff because I don’t want her to go hungry. Please if anyone can help us. I had a job and when I took a few days off they replaced me with someone else 😭😭 I’m currently look for work but it’s difficult so I’m making a fundraiser to support my child to buy her baby food and milk, nappies and all the stuff she needs.

If there is anyone who is willing to help us, please I would really appreciate. 😭😭I would hate to see my baby girl go to bed without any food so please all help would be appreciated a lot. 🙏🙏

May God bless you all. Hope to find a job soon so I can support my little girl I don’t want to see her struggle because of me not having a work or getting any income at all.

So if there could be anyone who is willing to help you can contact me on 0628319914 I’m willing to do anything just my child can go to bed with a full stomach and a clean nappies I really don’t want to dad that lets his child down so I’m willing to suffer the pain and make a fund raiser just get buy her the important stuff.

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