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I’m a student struggling to get any weekend job I apply for but I’m still applying hoping to be employed during the weekends so that I can keep up with the payments. Both my parents are unemployed, and they’ve tried to keep up with the payments but failed. I really need to pay off my debt because I’ve been blacklisted already, and I’ve been served by the lawyers of the university.

I would really appreciate any little donation I can get to keep up with my loan. Your help will be appreciated dearly, and it will make a huge difference in my life. Without the payment of my loan, I won’t be able to graduate, but with your help people I’m hopeful and confident that you’ll enable me to pay up my debt and be able to graduate.

You guys are my only hope at the moment as I’ve exhausted possible channels for me to get help. I would appreciate any little you guys donate, Thank you.

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