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So, from an early age I have played Rugby. I was very dedicated to the sport and still trying to make a difference in the lives of all young and upcoming players in my community.

So being 30 years old my time of a rugby player is running out and not being able to make it to a professional level I thought let me at least help the future players of the sport. I recently got the opportunity to become a team manager at a local Rugby club but to become a full-time member of the staff I need to get some credentials behind my name.

I found a course that will do that. It’s an international diploma from UCT (University of Cape Town). This is unfortunately the only way I can think of getting funds as it’s been an extremely hard year for me being retrenched (got retrenchment letter if needed) By paying bills every month it makes it almost impossible for me to save money as well for my studies.

if anyone out there is reading this…please I’m not doing this to gain anything but it’s for an opportunity for me to help other make it to the next level in their Rugby lives/careers.

If you require anymore information please feel free to contact me.

Thanking you in advance.


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