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Greetings. I decided to create this fundraiser out of sheer desperation for my twin brother, Trevor. He is a diagnosed paranoid schizophrenic. Trevor is currently destitute and money-less. He has until Monday 14/11/2022 to seek funds to continue to stay at a homeless shelter in the centre of Durban. In June 2021, Trevor embarked on a trip overseas with his small amount of savings, coerced by the promise of a better life and work opportunities by our older sibling, which never ever materialised.

In the midst of it all, Trevor’s medical needs were never made a priority and he went months without being on his much-needed medication. Anyone that knows someone with Schizophrenia, knows that they cannot function without medication. Needless to say, Trevor was sent back home to South Africa without any savings left.

I have now had to pick up the pieces so to say, even though I have two young children of my own to take care of, and our elderly father who is financially dependent on me as neither my other sibling nor my father’s family are willing to assist financially. I cannot take on the additional responsibility of my twin brother and therefore I am appealing for anyone that is able to contribute anything towards his lodging and food.

I have attached 2 pictures of Trevor – one as a young child when he was happy and my best friend, and another of him now. Because he has been without medication overseas, the social services in South Africa will not provide him with his mental disability grant for the next 3 months. He needs all the help he can get, and I am literally all he has as our mother (his sole caretaker) passed away unexpectedly in 2020.

Any and all monetary contributions would be very much appreciated and will go towards 3 months of lodging and food that I have estimated Trevor will need at the homeless shelter, until his mental disability grant is approved. Trevor is down and out; he is at the lowest anyone would not like to imagine being at. As a normal person without his condition these would have been difficult circumstances, so one can only imagine how he is feeling with the current status of his life and having schizophrenia.

I have set up this campaign for all monies to be paid into my bank account which will then be utilised to assist Trevor, since he cannot keep monies on his own person for fear of it being stolen from him in the homeless shelter. Proof of his circumstances can be provided.

Thank you all for taking the time to read this.

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