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WOARA NPC (WILD ONEZ ANIMAL RESCUE ASSISTANCE NPC) Assists with rescue, general rescue, snake rescue, wildlife rescue, education, advice etc.

WOARA NPC assists and helps with following :

*Snake Rescue and Release

*Wildlife rescue and Release or rehabilitation and release *Exotic rescue, rehoming, adoption *Wasp and bee assistance *spiders and other critters rescue and Release *education *Advice *Wild Onez Litter Bugz Patrol *Other projects *Assisting other organizations

By you or your company becoming a donor and donating to our cause, you are assisting us to be able to assist others in need.

No matter how small the donation, it all helps. We can’t do it without your help and support.

Every donation gets more rescues done and helps a lot with every snake rescue, wildlife rescue etc.

Please support our cause and donate to us today. Every R10 or R20 gets us closer to another rescue.

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