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My name is Xani and together with my husband and daughter, we live in Phalaborwa, South Africa,

A few months ago I found a lump underneath my breast.

Our town does not have a hospital, so I went to a nearby town’s clinic who runs the Breast Health Foundation, and who could do sonars and mammograms.

They immediately referred me to a hospital in Johannesburg, which is 5 hours away (in a car) and about 12 hours on a bus, from my hometown.

Arriving in Johannesburg, I did a mammogram and biopsy at the Breast Health Foundation Hospital.

After waiting a couple of week – I received the shocking news and I was diagnosed with breast cancer.

Stage 3.

I would have to receive chemo. Every THIRD week for 6 months.

Lucky for me, The Breast Health Foundation will fund the chemo treatment and over night stays whilst receiving and recovering from the chemo.

But to receive the treatment, which I am eternally grateful for, I’d have to travel 5 hours every third week to get to the hospital, stay over a night or two and then travel back.

Other expenses, which is outside their funding such as;

Travel costs to the hospital, Chemo wig /scarf and due to a medical condition that makes it near impossible for needles to find their way into a vein, I need port-a-cath through which I can receive the chemo treatments

You might not know, but medical treatment in South Africa is not as readily available as in most other countries.

Early in 2015 I was diagnosed with cervical cancer. We beat that with the help of a private medical insurance. (which is typically factored into your employee benefit package)

Unfortunately, in recent months our family have been directly affected by company layoffs, and our policy cancelled and the expense of having your own personal medical insurance are in the multiple R1000’s here in South Africa.

I have meticulously worked out what my additional travelling costs would be, and have budgeted very sparingly what I’d require for the next SIX months to receive this treatment and get my health back.


I am thankful for any and all help.

I have named the affected breast “Betty Boob”, because I refuse to let this get me down.

Through humour, and through thankfulness for each day, I will get through this again.

Thank you for your support and generosity.

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