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Greetings, my name is Loyiso Hulushe from Khayelitsha, Cape town. I write this campaign to seek funds for educational programme at Cornerstone institute for the July intake. As a young adult South African under privilege which is very hard to get a job in a country where by got to work up and this what can help you to live.

I applied for Bachelor of Arts in sociology and community development.  Reasons why I applied for this course is because I have been involved in community development for five years now. As I mentioned that in South Africa people work for their things.

My friend and I decided to open a food gardening in Vuzamanzi Primary School where most of us studied there when we were young. So, when I saw this pamphlet at Cornerstone institute on their website I said to myself that is the course that is relevant to me,  kind of development I am  been involved with is food gardens around Khayelitsha and still doing it.  Trying to transform empty spaces to grow food because at the communities such as Khayelitsha.

The limited number of good organic food that being grown and sold of which it’s a political issue

  1. By people have money (middle class or people with big land) can buy and grow organic food but those who live a dollar or under one dollar a day cannot afford good, clean quality food.
  2. The issue of land where Khayelitsha has little land to farm on, people here in vacant land they put houses. I have also been involved at the markets around the Khayelitsha,  the market called Impilo Yabantu which brings organic food cheaper to the people around Khayelitsha because organic food is expensive for any people to buy.

Cornerstone Institute has the course that I am doing it practical Community development for advancements and bring inspiration to other people who is currently doing community work.  Cornerstone Institute is giving me an opportunity to take my community development work to academics’ level where I will learn more things. Reasons why I applied for the campaign is Cornerstone institute wants R5000 registration money in order to register me and I had a bad experience of applied for February intake and I couldn’t enter because I didn’t have the registration money.

This time around I decided to fund raise for the registration in order for me get in to institute to fulfill my goal.

I would appreciate your donations to make this happen to inspire more young people to the same route of what I want to take. Your help will be much appreciated by me to reach my dreams and goals

Thanking you in advance.

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