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I recently encountered a near-death experience, whereas I was almost announced dead on my accident scene. On the 21/10/16 I was in a traumatic motorbike accident, situated in the heart of Durban North. It was not my transport of choice, but it was all I could afford at the time, and never assumed anything like this could occur. Especially due to me living so close to work.

I sustained huge injuries and had to reteach myself to walk and move parts of my body. I was out of action for 6 months. It was the hardest thing for me being so stagnant when I felt I was born to help people, and I could not do that, because I first had to help myself before I could help others, and getting into ministry, rural work and charity. I did so much charity work, painting and workshops, lots of Gymnastics, and I were all about moving forward and giving off a positive energy, and to not be able to do very much broke me. I focused on the light and positivity, the state I found myself in didn’t stop me from being passionate about life.

I thought I would start by acknowledging what happened and overcoming my fear. I wasn’t too sure where I would start. In the accident, I literally bit my tongue off, and I broke my leg and shoulder. I had numerous operations and I still need to go for 2 more. One, to attend to my shoulder that’s obscurely still sticking out of my body in a not so pretty angle, and in my mouth. I broke 3 of my teeth and lost a few as well.  One is still half in my mouth and it is so painful.

I would be so grateful for a new healthy start.

Please help I to have the opportunity to go for surgery, to get my health back.

Thanking you in advance.

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