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I am a South African mother and my husband, with dual citizenship is the father of 4 beautiful children. We fell into a traumatic experience two years ago. Since then, we have been trying to get back on our feet (This is a developing  story.)

Our one daughter of 17 got a chance to go back to SA in December and is at least better off. Our other 3 kids need to get back into a school ASAP. Grade R, Grade 1 and Grade 6. All government schools here are over full and there is no space…

We need to get back to SA as all our funds and options are depleted. We are living with people in harsh circumstances. We can start with an employment opportunity as soon as we land in SA and our life’s can be back on track again and we can be together with our other daughter.

We are asking if there is anyone who can assist us 5 to get back to SA by a rental car, busses or shuttles etc. are leaving only from Windhoek, mostly to Cape Town. Flights are cheaper from Windhoek as well. Average is 2600 to JHB and Walvis is 3600 to JHB. If we can take a shuttle to Windhoek and fly from there, we can save a lot.

A shuttle to Windhoek for 5 is R1500 in total. Saving on plane tickets is 4000 which can be used for Covid-19 tests.

We can even make an arrangement to pay it back. Please help. My kids don’t deserve the current circumstances and they ask every day how many sleeps.

Thank you so much for taking the time in reading our story. I will be forever thankful.

From a mommy and dad who only wants to deliver a promise to their kids after asking them every day to just hold on a little longer.

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