R900 of R100 000 raised

Hello everyone,

This is Francois Van Staden. He is 24 years old. He has severe malaria and no medical aid whatsoever. He was admitted to a provincial hospital just outside of Pongola. After three days in the hospital there, things have not gotten any better. We have moved him to the Bay Hospital in Richards Bay.

For the hospital to admit him, they want payment of R88,414.30 today! This excludes doctor’s fees and any blood transfusion or scans he might need in his time here. Upon receiving him here, they wheeled him into the ICU immediately. He has also lost all liver and kidney function as well.

I am appealing to everyone out there who is willing and able to assist. Please help us get Francois proper care and help us save his life. We have started a campaign in Pongola and have received some funds from the community to help us in this regard but not nearly enough.

Please find it in your hearts to help save a life and donate

Thank you and God bless you all!


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