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In an ever-changing and evolving world, the need for intriguing audio-visual material rises. With this need being paramount, specialised personnel becomes essential to simulate events lived, thought of and passed. The solution to this need, then becomes an art, an art that is tutelaged by both expertise and knack.

My name is Siphumeze Tase. I have recently been accepted by the New York Film Academy in the Masters of Fine Arts in Filmmaking program, spanning over two years in Los Angeles. After months of scrutiny and back and forth communication the acceptance was based on talent, vigor, skill, and capability, which they found in my creative portfolio. The NYFA boasts of a number industry professionals that have won Academy Awards in various categories such as Steven Spielberg, Ben Stiller, Richard Dreyfuss and many more, that also partake in our growth. More students also have opportunities to shoot on the Universal backlot where blockbuster movies like the Pirates of the Caribbean, The Amazing Spiderman and Jaws were shot. The equipment used is the industry standard and the approach is hands on. It is with this very breath that I can proclaim that the NYFA is the best as they come.

I write this letter as motivation for you to invest in me in the process of attaining this development and creative growth. To be blessed with such an opportunity and not partake because of financial constraints would be a sin. The program will assist in honing my storytelling abilities, mold me in producing aesthetically appealing visuals that deal with each individual symptomatically. Furthermore, the program will allow me to rub shoulders with industry greats which will grant me a chance to gain knowledge that one cannot attain from transcripts.

As I do not have any plans of staying in the US after the completion of this Masters Degree, I feel that every bit of knowledge gained will be beneficial to the growth and development of Film in South Africa. One dream that drives me most is making South Africa a film capital that competes with the worlds best. The investment of your time is one that I can never repay but can only reciprocate by my above mentioned sentiments. So whether you play a part in pointing me in the correct direction for funding, purporting my cause to others and even

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