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On the 01/01/2017 I was sitting eating breakfast after a huge night at a festival. Myself, Aaron Middleton and Bryce Burness were eating breakfast when a man approached in a violent manner and went off that we must move our tents so he could drive out. There were thousands of tents around us and us moving at 6:30 in the morning made no sense because he couldn’t get out anyways. Not one of us were aggressive or intense. We didn’t see what was coming next. He walked up to me while I was sitting down and just went wild on my face (while I was sitting down eating ) completely unprovoked and then ran away. Thanks to Aaron Middleton for sorting things out and getting me to the hospital quickly.

Thank you to everyone who has been there for me and is still there for me on my long recovery.
I sustained a dentoalveolar fracture which means the teeth broke away with a piece of my jaw bone attached. I was under the knife for three hours while the maxillofacial surgeon did his best to fix my mouth and save my teeth. He managed to save the teeth, but they are all in funny places and are at weird angles, the nerves have now died and need root canal treatment.
The man who assaulted me is currently on the run from the SAPS. He has been charged with assault to do grievous bodily harm.

URGENT TREATMENT REQUIRED [not covered by medical aid]. Root canal treatment to one tooth (R1850). Further X-rays and diagnostics (R3000). Deposit for wiring and braces (R11 000).Total amount required to commence with the treatment is R15 850. Further monthly payments of R1400 will be required, which I will be able to cover with my part time job whilst I am studying.
My friends and I have started a fundraising campaign to start these procedures before any further deterioration occurs. We are planning some fundraising events and any help.

Thanking you in advance.


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