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GO – Fund was created by the Game Over Team to help the creator & Co-Owner of Game Over.

Game Over is a small company based in South Africa. They host Gaming events and Geek conferences and cater business & free promotion for everyone on the Geekgrid all around the world.

They have been actively helping young and new content creators, cosplayers, personalities, gamers & anyone “geeky” to have a home to express themselves in a way where their dreams are very much a reality.

Game Over created a safe place for anyone to create awareness of very serious social issues, such as identity, mental health, and personal health within the Geekgrid network. Game Over wants people to excel and self-empower.


Hannes & Nikkie Russouw – Co-creators of GO, Need your help. Hannes lost his work on 1 August 2022 – The Russouw family was traumatized and bullied by the company owners that gave Hannes employment and a live-in position. Without shaming and having to go to court about the actions of the poor treatment Hannes & Nikkie must vacate the property and start a new life somewhere else.

Without a home or work, Hannes is trying to find a new job as a Chef and a place for Nikkie and Mia to call home. Nikkie was blessed to start new work within IT in PE. But it is not enough to support Game Over and other expenses.

Hannes is struggling to keep things going because he is now living in debt.

Before Hannes started to work for an “unnamed” company in Addo – Eastern Cape

Hannes was a proud business owner of CHEF! And he is trying to keep GO – active. CHEF! was the financial backbone for GO in which the catering company was the main source of business & income for CHEF! , Hannes`s Family & GO.

CHEF! went bankrupt a few months before Hannes started work at the “unnamed” company in Addo. He was very eager to work for a 5-star estate due it was a very appealing position for him and his family to cover costs with GO & start a new life. CHEF! was Hannes`s passion. He loved cooking and creating delicious food for people and giving young brides the wedding of their dreams. The Company suffers hard due to financial losses post-COVID-related aftermath & increasing in living expenses. Clients could not afford Hannes any longer. Thus CHEF! had to close its doors.

Hannes had always a very hard work ethic. But currently, hard work is just not enough to get him back. He needs time and time costs money. Like a friendly Goblin from World of Warcraft said “time is money friend.” And this is where your donation will go. You will buy Hannes some time to look for work so that he can provide for his family and keep GO doing good work. All the extra funds will go back into the donations to a very special charity which our streamers will decide and have to donate live on a show, sometime in the future. We want to help people.

Please Help GO – FUND. We thank you in advance and wish you many blessings. GO will always be grateful.

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