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I’m a final year engineering student that is working full time. I’m living with friends since home life got complicated and I’m try my best to get my own ventures started. I’m aiming to be the next Elon Musk and since I’m a programmer it should be possible to achieve such a goal.

I am ambitious and driven and I am writing my own software in my free time, which is killing my budget due to the fact I cannot run double jobs.

So here I am on gofundmesa.co.za, which I never really even considered. Why am I different you might ask?

I want to give back and no not in the general sense of charity donations that only look good for the public. We have numerous shortages in the IT industry in South Africa and I want to help those who did not receive the same opportunities and education such as me achieve a point where they have gained the knowledge to join the workforce. I provide free basic computer literacy classes already and I tutor grade 12 students in IT.

I want to repay my student debt and give the knowledge I have gained back to the people around me without the ridiculously large price tag that looms over our heads for 10 years after we’ve studied.

Don’t see this as a donation to a single person, see this as an investment that we can give back and improve the community around us with technology and knowledge so that we can all have a safer and happier place to live and work in.

Thank you in advance

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