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I am a single mother of three beautiful children age 3, 7, 9 years old. I am looking for help for my 7 year old daughter Kulthoom that is disabled. She was diagnosed with Infantile Spasms at only six months which led to severe ID and Epilepsy. She cannot walk, talk, go to the toilet an eat on her own. She has been going to a special needs school called Friends Day Centre it’s a special care, Activity and Therapy centre for children and Adults with severe to profound intellectual and Physical Disabilities.

She has been going there for three years now, last year I had a sponsor that dropped me and I am so desperate for anybody that can help my child go back to school this year. If I can’t pay the school the money the outstanding fees for last year she cannot go back. She has been doing so well at this school, she can now stand up against things she can even hold her own cup to drink. She can say a few word’s and play with a doll and a ball.

This school is a very good school, it gives her all the treatment she needs to one day help herself. This is all the therapy she gets at the school Alternative Augmentative communication, Educational play, media room, 3 types of speech therapy, Occupational therapy, sensory integration, play therapy, fine Motor skills, craft Barn, Hydrotherapy a Physiotherapy. This is all offered at the school. If anybody can find it in their hearts to help my little Angle Kulthoom with anything from an R10 to whatever you can to help me help my child to grow up to help herself one day.

Many Thanks


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