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The 15th September 2018 – it was a night like any other, or so it started.  Andrea (25 years old at the time) was out with her friends for supper.  It had been a good night and she was heading home. Standing on the curb chatting to her friends, before getting into the car, when her life changed.
A restaurant down the road had been robbed, a car had given chase and the robbers let off 3 gunshots.  The third bullet hit Andrea.  The bullet went through her ribs, her lung, and her spine.  At the time, the good news was that it hadn’t gone through her spinal cord, but her spinal bone.  Unfortunately, the shock waves traveled and damaged her spine – leaving her paralyzed from the waist down. 
After two weeks in the hospital, Andrea was moved into the rehabilitation hospital, where she remained until the 21st of December.  Her routine was gym every day, building up her strength.  Since being home there has been a lapse in her physio, due to financial constraints and issues with the medical aid.  This has now resumed, but her goal is to get back into the rehab in order for her recovery to be more focused and longer periods of time spent doing the exercises as opposed to a 45minute / 1 hour per week session, as it currently stands.  Her life has drastically changed.  We still pray for Andrea’s full healing and we ask that you pray with us. 
In the meantime, medical costs have stacked up, as well as the lifestyle adjustments that need to be made.  Andrea lives at home with her family.  Her dad was in a motor vehicle accident 7 years ago and is unable to work anymore due to the brain injury he suffered.  Her mother was retrenched earlier this year.  Currently, there is no extra income in the house, yet the bills still coming.  It is extremely difficult to get Andrea the care and rehabilitation that she requires with the financial constraints.  We now appeal to you, if you are in any way able to contribute something small to go towards Andrea’s recovery we would greatly appreciate this.
We love you Andrea!

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