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I am eligible for refractive surgery, which I have been desperate to afford for a few years now. This surgery will certainly change my life! As an artist, my eyes are my most precious gift, and it has got to the point where my eyesight is so bad that I cannot do simple tasks without glasses for ie. doing my hair to get ready for work. My artwork is becoming more and more challenging to do, and I get headaches from working. I can no longer use contact lenses.

I am 37 years old and it has been told by doctors that the chronic medications I was on for all of my adult years, played a big part in damaging my eyes. I have since managed to create a happy and successful life for myself without ANY chronic medications. It is my dream to be able to see properly again and it will be possible if I can have this surgery.

I would be more than happy to make a piece of my handmade jewellery for anyone who is able to help me with this – once the surgery has been done.

It would really change my life.

Thanking you in advance.

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