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Bill du Plessis a 35-year-old male, is one of many things. He is a compassionate partner and a father of 3 beautiful children, and also my boyfriend.

In 2017 he was involved in a bike accident. And there after underwent 3 surgery’s which ended up with him having a fused ankle.

We are now 5 years down the line, and things turned for the worse. On the 9th of February 2023 he underwent 2 surgeries on his leg for Femoral Popliteal Bypass, which in return was not successful. The pain is agonizing, this arterial disease causes his toes to turn black and pain severely. He is unable to walk now again because the doctors caused nerve damaged as well. He is now also unable to fulfil all his work duties as required.

He only has 1 semi working artery left in his leg, which is also damaged and according to the doctors unfixable. The risk of him losing his leg is high.

His leg could have been saved. But did I mention how understaffed and ineffective the public hospitals are? The service of the public sector is horrendous and appalling! Careless would be the word to best describe them! For 5 weeks the doctors at the hospital kept on postponing his surgery with the excuse being that they are fully booked for operations, and he must come back the following week.

After the surgeries on the 10th of February 2023, we received the worst news of our lives. That there is nothing they could and can do for him, and that amputation could be the only option.

Our goal is to fly him or get him out to the best vascular surgeons there is in south Africa. We would love the opportunity of doing more tests to avoid the route of amputation! I am writing to you today to ask for your support. We need all the help we could get. it would be lovely to get a second opinion. Due to financial reasons, we are unable to fund this. He is in intense pain. Everyday counts! We need to raise R250 000 for him to get new scans done in the private sector and for him to get either another operation or at the end if it needs to be to get the amputation done by private doctors in a private hospital and to cover all the medical costs.

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