Bedridden Dino
Bedridden Dino

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Where do I start!
Let me start by telling you more about my brother Dino and the reason I started this campaign. My brother was born on 10 September 1989, he was born with disabilities, he has epilepsy and the mentality of a 4 year old. The doctors said he would never be able to talk or walk and life expectancy was 10 years, well they were wrong, he could talk and walk and do simple tasks for himself and he is currently 33 years old and still alive.
Unfortunately his health took a turn for the worse in the last six months, in May he was hospitalized for 5 weeks at hospital, in July he was discharged and back at home, but he was still weak and he just got worse to a point were he could even sit up by himself anymore, refused to eat and drink, called the ambulance and back to hospital, he was then diagnosed with septicemia and pneumonia.
A week later he’s gallbladder gave in and he could barely eat or drink anything orally anymore, doctors didn’t want to operate because he was not ‘stable’ enough for surgery, 2 weeks after the doctors decided that he is not getting better or worse and that they will operate to remove the gallbladder and they had to insert a permanent feeding tube directly into to his stomach.
Operation went well, after 2 weeks he was moved to another hospital, we have been advised that they will be discharging my brother within the next 2 weeks, what a relief, I though, until my dad told me about my brother’s health and all the equipment they will need to have him home, and the reason I am starting this campaign.
Doctors has now declared my brother bedridden and he needs to get a hospital bed, a special mattress for relieve and prevention of pressure sores, special pillows for prevention of pressure sores and limiting body pains, he also need a special wheelchair which can hold his head up. He is permanently on the feeding tube and he will need the correct feeding food that is required and he is wearing adult nappies now, he will need a caregiver to take care of him when he is discharged. This is huge and unexpected expenses.
Please donate and help Dino to still have a bit of quality of life.
Thank you
Kind regards

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