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Kenneth is a 60 year old male that has relocated to Umtata from Port Elizabeth years ago due to a job opportunity. He has no family in Umtata but as years went by Kenneth became family to everyone he knew due to his kindness, hardworking abilities and the love he has for everyone he meets.

He has worked for various small companies in Umtata like Owens Panel beaters and SNK Panel beaters. While working at SNK Panel beaters he met Fiona Berry, and they became friends, this is how we came to meet Kenneth.

Kenneth used to a few jobs from washing cars, to gardening in order to make some extra money for himself. Fiona Berry introduced Kenneth to her family and friends because he had always asked for part time jobs. He never hesitated to help where he could at times he would help at no cost.

Kenneth has no family in Umtata so this was his way of surviving seeing that he had also lost his job. Kenneth has no contact with his family nor do we as his close friends know how to find his family as to let them know about Kenneth’s situation.

In November last year 2017, Kenneth found shelter in a caravan in Umtata (Vulindlela heights) due to the state the caravan was in, we then offered him a warmer place to stay in. We realized Kenneth had lost a lot a weight and had a horrible cough, he was very weak as well so we decided to take him to a hospital. He was sent for x-rays and blood tests. When his blood test results returned the doctor informed us that Kenneth has Prostrate Cancer.

Kenneth has been for a biopsy, we currently still awaiting results to see what stage his cancer is in.
We were told at the hospital that there is nothing they can do. Kenneth is way too sick and we would like to help him go for treatment.

Due to his illness Kenneth’s feet are swollen making it hard for him to walk, but he is so determined and tries walking on his own. His bones are slowly calcifying according to the x-ray that was taken. He is currently on calcium treatment for this.

We come here today to please ask for donations to please help Kenneth, there is so much he needs that we can’t afford. We try our best and help where we can. Kenneth has no energy to get out his bed at the moment. He need adult diapers, healthy foods veggies, medications, he needs to go for physiotherapy as he bones are giving in.

We would also like to take him for treatment, but we can’t afford all of this. He is in need of new clothes and shoes. There is just so much he needs.

Please help us help Kenneth live. he is such a wonderful person.

Thank you in advance

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