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My name is Sisa Ntshwaqela. I live in Khayelitsha, the biggest township under the city of Cape Town in South Africa. I grew up here and I did all my schooling years here, from pre-school to secondary school. When I finished high school it was difficult to find anything that spoke to my heart. Deep down I knew I want to change the world and add value in my community. So I studied short entrepreneurial courses for three years as the first step.

Entrepreneurship was fun but the business side was my weakness. There I discovered that, that is not were my passion lies.

Life started to make sense in 2014, when I co-founded a non-profit organization called Have Fun. An educational project that helps children learn through play, the difference it made filled me with joy. I could see the difference the organization made in the children live through the shining eyes. It also healed my own wounds – it is amazing that selflessness towards others can be your greatest reward.

But now I need your support…

Last year I worked as an Art Therapist assistant in a Waldorf primary school. The friend I worked with is a Waldorf product. And I knew nothing about the education but I fell in love with it, for the creativity and how it looked at the development of the child as the whole being. Not just a brain!

This year I enrolled in a Waldorf institution (Centre for Creative Education) the only one in South Africa, based in Cape Town. The year has been fulfilling there is so much I have learnt about the Waldorf approach. I’m in love with artistic classes, learning music and the focus in nature as a way of teaching. 

I need your support because personally I had a difficult time – I struggled throughout the year. I struggled to pay my tuition fee as I promised the institution. I had stressful days where I couldn’t make it to class because I didn’t have money for transport. And I was not well organized since I didn’t some of the resources that are needed in class – stationary.

These hindrances drained me emotionally and mentally and exhausted me physically. I couldn’t focus on my studied the way I wished to. The money issues always occupied a big part of me – and now I’m worried about the next coming three years. And I’m afraid of being financial excluded.

I need your support to survive these years of study. The money will help me focus in my academics, be able to buy the stationary that I will need and to buy the weekly bus ticket to be in class every school day.  I believe that I can be an influential figure flawed education in South Africa.

Your support will not only help me, but will bring impact as a participant in the revolution that creative and diverse education is trying bring in South Africa.

The school’s tuition fees cost R61,000 per year.

I travel with R200 per week.

Thanking you in advance for your generosity and support



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