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My mother recently passed away after a 6 week battle with pneumonia. It is with sadness in my heart, that I have started this campaign, in the hopes of assistance, to give my dearest mother a proper burial. She was very ill and was recently admitted to the hospital. On the 12th of February, we moved her to the Bethel hospital to get a second opinion.

She greatly improved on the 13th and was discharged. Unfortunately, a few days later, we had to rush her back to the hospital in a critical condition. The doctors fought to save her life as she was slipping away. They stabilized her, and she was closely monitored for the rest of the day. I was only able to get to my mother on the 16th of February, whereas I had the chance to say my goodbyes and pray for her. 8 pm that morning we received the devastating news that she passed away.

I am the breadwinner in my family and looked after my mom, dad and brother.  We can barely afford to pay our rent and food on the table. I am trying my best to cover all the expenses. We are only given one mother, and I would like to bury my mom with dignity. She knew I loved her and that I did everything humanly possible to try to save her.


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