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I wrote a book titled “Selling a Lie”.

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This book is based on a story of an African young man with an ambition to change the world.  With easy online money laundering through companies like Amazon.com, trading brokers and PayPal, he successfully disappears with R9 Million from one of South African mobile network companies.

A young man whose life choices lead him to become one of the most dangerous con men to ever roam the planet. From forging cheques, certificates and college degrees, to stealing over nine million Rands from major South African mobile service providers.

His ambition rose from his own sufferings through the hard lands of Africa. His motivation was seeing hungry, homeless people on the streets of his town, Johannesburg and his dedication was when he had no other option but to take from those he believed deserved to lose, to give those he believed deserved to receive.

Seeing major corporations and the government caring less for all these people of colour mostly accounts for reasons why he became bitter. With a baby on his way, at the age of 27, John applies for a job at a company just to steal R 9 Million from them.

I have received good feedback about the book, but have had countless edit issues as I could not get anyone to edit it for free. So I’m asking for your help to edit it and publish it in both a paperback and eBook.


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