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I have dealt with depression my whole life. Back before I even knew what it was, it felt like a dark cloud in the background. I concentrated on the good things in life and that helped me get through life.

We lost a family member to suicide in 2011 and I tried to pick myself up after that, but by 2014 it had all gotten too much. My depression got worse and I had to leave my job.

I have worked hard ever since then to build myself back up, but we can only do so much. I was not able to maintain my car due to lack of money and it eventually broke down altogether. There are lots of other things that I need to fix up. So many things seem to have fallen apart.

Now that I am making money from Steve the vagabond I am finally able to start paying bills again (which my parents had been paying up until now) which makes me feel like a functioning member of society again. Things will continue to grow, but any money that I do get is going to go towards bills and other debts. It is going to be a long time before I start making enough to even start saving.

Having a car again will allow me to get about more easily and to go to interesting places in Cape Town and the rest of South Africa. I would like to make cool videos for you guys of the cool stuff in my country. I don’t want books, or video games or DVDs for Christmas. The only thing I would like is for my car to get fixed. Will you help me collect enough money to fix my car?

Thanks for being a great community and here’s to a great 2018 🙂

Rolf Weimar


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