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On the 1st of March we noticed that our 6-year-old Doxie; Roxy, is acting strange. When we tried to pick her up she would cry. She was showing signs of being paralyzed in one of her back legs.

Immediately we rushed to the nearest Vet who examined her. The Vet said that she suspects a slipped-disc, but would urgently need to transfer her to the Veterinary hospital for a MRI scan and possible operation.

Roxy was rushed to the hospital where the surgeon was waiting for her. The MRI was done, and confirmed that there was a slipped disc and that without urgent surgery, Roxy will be paralyzed for good.

Roxy being one of our two Doxie children (sisters), we realized that hospitalization, MRI, operation and recovery would cost a fortune, but we would need to push through to ensure Roxy’s health. We were committed to the procedure. The operation was a major success. Roxy was kept in hospital for 4 days for observation.

The Doctor observed Roxy after which he said that she would be able to completely recover in 8 weeks and should she be kept still. Roxy was discharged from the hospital and is safely at home.

My husband and I are asking friends of Doxies’ to please assist us to cover the hospital bill.

If you have something to spare, please consider a donation towards Roxy’s recovery.

We would really appreciate it, and I am sure Roxy would too.


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