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My name is Danette. I was born prematurely at 32 weeks, and I was left with little to zero oxygen, which caused brain damage. The stay was very long in the hospital before they allowed me to go home. I could not sit up straight like other babies, and I still can’t crawl. I don’t even know how it feels to stand or walk. I had a lot of visits to the doctors. When I was 1 years old they told my parents that I had cerebral palsy and that I would never be able to walk. Everyone was very sad. Then we started with the physio. At a later stage, the doctors discovered that my hips were not in place. They started rectifying it with numerous operations.

My muscles are so stiff that sometimes I have trouble moving. When I sleep, I can’t even turn myself around. It is hard to accept the fact that I will never be able to run around, climb trees or even play sports. We live in small town and must drive very far to see the doctors, so sometimes we don’t go. It costs a lot to see them and the therapists. We try to do the therapy at home, but it is difficult. I have a wheelchair, but it is getting too small for me and will need a bigger one.

The wheelchair does not support me where it should, and the therapist said it is time for a new chair, she believes that once I get a new one it will go better and that the therapy may help me more. I really need help to buy a new one and have enough money to continue with my therapy sessions and visits to the doctors. I would like to donate my old wheelchair to a child that can use it. I to be able to play and crawl and be less dependent on others to carry me around. Please find it in your heart to help me.

Thank you for taking the time to read my story.

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