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I’m a 20yr old girl, who wants to reach her goal of teaching abroad to raise money. I live with a family of 4, my mom and my two sisters. Currently, my mom doesn’t work, which results in me working to pay rent while my other sisters help in other departments. It’s seriously impossible for me to apply without money since the whole process is very costly.

There’s a lot of things needed to be done. My courses and my preparations are all something I cannot afford, and I need help to raise money in order to reach my destination. Teaching and travelling have always been my dream. I know this will be beneficial for my family, and I since the money you earn teaching is enough to send to my family, while also pampering myself, and enjoying myself. I really want to travel while also helping my family. I feel like I’m stuck in a routine that slowly starting to drain my motivation and I need help from anyone.

Thanking you in advance for your contributions and support.

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