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My dad Damian, who is 53 at the moment had a horrible bike accident on the 2nd May 2016. I was taken aback to get a call that morning knowing he went for a bike ride from a fellow rider that my dad had been in a bike accident and had to be airlifted to hospital for treatment. They couldn’t get him airlifted and sedated him and brought him to the hospital. Seeing him like that absolutely broke my heart being a well managed bipolar and bleeder I was stressing about what his condition would be. He was then put into Trauma ICU and we got the call to say his lungs had collapsed and were placed on a ventilator and sedated.

We then found out he had broken his neck, head at the back was cut open as his helmet came off on impact, his eye and nose had been cut open and his teeth had been knocked out. He had bruising on his body and frontal and temporal lobe damage. He was in Trauma ICU for a total of 44 days on the ventilator for 39 days and in rehab to regain body functions, brain functions and day to day needs again learning to walk again too. He was in rehab, inpatient for 8 weeks outpatient for 15 weeks. He then had a knee operation on the 9th January and had to have his teeth redone too. In the interim, my dad lost his job as he was unable to work and that has put a strain on his marriage to my mom of 33 years. I have tried to pick up the pieces financially. He has tried to start his own garden service business and that has given him some form of “being a man” again and we try to support where he can.

My main goal is to get him a bakkie, which will highly benefit his little business as he can transport his tools and have his trailer attached to be able to do more work and not have to struggle in my car which he uses for his business. Him, having a bakkie would assist with getting more work and time to focus on his business growth.

Any assistance would mean so much to him and the family.

Thanking you in advance.


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