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Meet my friend Jordan Pretorius. He is an amazing person with a heart and soul of gold! He is physically challenged and in a wheelchair. He has a disease called osteogenesis imperfecta. He is an aspiring musician and is already quite well known in the industry and the community. You may have even seen him at one of his gigs. Jordan has been through a lot in 2017 and so I want to make his 2018 a little better. Currently, Jordan needs a new wheelchair and a new guitar to keep doing what he does best. I could spend hours describing what an amazing human this man is but I will summarize. Jordan is always there for everyone!! He opens his heart and soul up to anyone and everyone and has the most amazing outlook on life, full of positivity and hope.

Way more than most able-bodied people I know. He recently experienced one of the most difficult and heartbreaking times in his life when his mother passed away from the same disease he has and even though all that remained a loving, caring, concerned and helpful friend. Not too long after that, he had to go for his yearly checkup, for the first time without his mother and it really took a toll on him mentally, emotionally and physically. Jordan honestly deserves 2018 to be his year more than anyone I know. He surprises and inspires me every day.



This campaign was started to raise funds to get Jordan a new wheelchair and a new guitar to keep doing what he does best. But since this campaign went up AMAZING people have come to help. Jordan has a wheelchair on the way and YAMAHA has sponsored him a new guitar! So going forward we would like to continue this campaign in support of Jordan recording a studio album and truly getting his career moving. Monies will also be used to help Jordan pay necessities (medical bills, etc.) as he is a self-supporting guy trying to make a living through his music.

Please help in any way you can so that we can get his career moving and he can get his new album going with his awesome new guitar! Thank you to everyone so far who has donated and/or given Jordan support. A special thank you to YAMAHA and all the donors who made it possible for him to get the guitar and wheelchair. You are all amazing!!!


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