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I’m not sure how to start without tearing up on how much my mom means to me, and what she has done for me. She made me the man I am today. But let me start my story…

In March of 2016, she went in for a needed neck operation. They did a spinal fusion. There were a lot of complications; she was in ICU for a few days, where she almost didn’t make it. Being the strong person she is, she pulled through and made a full recovery…except for her voice. During the neck operation, the doctor damaged nerves that control her right vocal cord.

It completely collapsed, so the vocal cords do not close and open as they are meant to do, there is also a cyst on the right vocal cord, due to the continuous straining on her vocal cords. The neck doctor at that time said it could take up to 18 months to recover, which it didn’t. So we decided we need to see a throat specialist who specializes in vocal cord and voice related issues. We were referred to Doctor Lance Maron. The medical aid doesn’t cover this as it is seen as cosmetic, and the doctor is also out of medical aid rates.

I covered the initial visit which was R3500. Unfortunately, I do not have R44 000 to help with the operation, as I am already looking after my parents. My mom has, such a beautiful voice, and it breaks my heart when she has to use all of her energy to say a few words. She has no self-confidence and she is also unable to work due to her “disability”.

I know the target is very short notice, but the doctor only has an opening next week and then in 3 months. As this issue is affecting her deeply, I would like to do it as fast as possible.

If you need to call the doctor’s rooms of Dr Maron, the number is 011 643 8047. They can confirm the cost.

ICD-10 code: J38.0 Paralysis of the vocal cords.
Procedure name: arytenoid adduction

Please, please, please help! I would be eternally grateful.

Kind Regards,
Pieter Swanepoel

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