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How can we not give Tank a fighting chance? We need answers…

Tank a, 7 month old, Bull Terrier pup was rescued out of Oceanview at the age of 12 weeks. His new owner, Pier is a huge Animal Rescuer and lover as well as being a very passionate Bull Terrier activist and supporter.

After she had had him for two days, she realized that he didn’t respond when the other dogs did and that he was totally deaf. She decided to research a way forward to communicate with him and soon taught him hand signs which he enthusiastically responded to.

He is normally a bubbly and cheeky little pup who is outgoing and friendly, never keeps his mum out of sight and always stays close, touching her with his nose frequently to confirm that that he was close.

On Sunday, 25th February, Pier returned home to find Tank full and listless, head hanging and not responding and acknowledging Pier.

The vets did a series of X-rays and Bloods tests before operating on him to remove foreign bodies from in the form of hooves, from his tummy. He however failed to recuperate and awaken from his full and depressed state and after 4 days, they reopened him, thinking that there may still be a foreign body that was missed which there was not.

He never perked up and they suggested sending him home in the hope that he would perk us and improve. He didn’t. He didn’t acknowledge or recognize the rest of his pack (Bull Terrier brother, Neo and Ridgeback sister, Lola) nor his mum. She was devastated. She carried him out when he needed the toilet and tried to get him to eat so she could get weight back on him after he had lost 2 kgs while in hospital.

The following Monday, the vets were evaluating him when they noticed certain signs of Neurological issues like knuckling and weakness on his right side. The vet did a full neurological screening and found that he had also lost sight in his right eye. She sent all the test results on to a Neurologist and prescribed starting him on Cortisone while we waited for the results to come back, as well as an antibiotic. All medications were immediately started.

The next morning, Tank seemed to have slightly improved – he lifted his head and made eye contact with Pier. She was over then moon and by the evening, he was following her around the house and he next day. He was eating with his usual excitement and cheekiness.

It has been a week of Tank on the meds and while there is still some weakness in his right side, he is jumping, leaping, barking and active again. A second neurological evaluation has revealed a slight improvement in his vision in his right eye and a weight gain and General improvement. Results were again sent to the Neurologist two days ago and he reverted to say that the only way forward is to find out what the issue is with Tank is an MRI! We can’t continue with the Cortisone indefinitely treating just symptoms. We need to know what the issue is and how to fix this.

We need your help to cover his existing vet fees, as well as the MRI and upcoming specialist fees.

Any donation at all would be humbly welcomed. We need to give little Tank a second chance. He has already overcome so much and deserves a life of love and devotion.

Please, help us.
Pier & Tank

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