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This story is not mine to tell.  It is about my friend, who was homeless for a while. The story starts about +- 10 yrs ago. My friend was an alcoholic, divorced 3 times, thrown into the streets to die. He had a family, but they had no time for an alcoholic. He was left on his own, and begging was his only option to survive life on the streets.

God intervened and miraculously my friend’s survival instincts kicked in and he wanted to live! Not just for himself, but for other homeless people as well. Today my friend sells DVDs, which is not enough to pay his rent and buy food. He had a hernia op which slowed him down a bit. So he desperately needs assistance. I admire him greatly, for he is selflessness. He refused to eat if his people (the homeless) did not have food.  Many times he was rushed off to the hospital due to malnutrition.

I plead with you compassionate souls out there. Help this man and his homeless friends.

God in return will bless you in abundance.

Thanking you in advance.

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