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I am a South African citizen, I am trying to return to the UK, but I’m having serious problems. I have a Beautiful 10 year old daughter who lives with her mom in England. The last time I have seen my daughter, was when she was 3 years old.

I had to leave the UK because her mom and I had problems during our marriage. Now that we divorced, things have gone worse, I can’t return to the UK without a visa and I don’t have access to see Anastazja. The only way to see her is if I have a court order, to apply for a visa. Unfortunately, I am not working at the moment and jobs in South Africa are very scarce.

I want to see my daughter, please help contribute to her well being. I want her to know who I am, but her mom refuses to assist me with my visa application, so I’m stuck here and my daughter won’t know that I even exist.

If there is any assistance/anything please, it would be much appreciated.

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