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Conrad and I were waiters working in a small holiday town in Kleinmond, Western Cape. We made it day by day, carefree and satisfied with the way our lives were, until one day we were surprised with a baby boy!

What wonderful news! We thought but little did we know about the challenges, difficulties, and responsibility that come with him. We worked exceptionally hard and saved 95% of every cent we had made while I was pregnant, yes, I was running around serving people whilst being pregnant, determined to get a good head start after my son was born.

After Bodhi was born, my fiancé and I had struggled for months with our unstable schedule to somehow find a babysitter that could be as flexible as we had to be, we had to walk with him home in the cold of the night and in the pouring rain, I did my best to find a suitable job with stable hours whilst my fiancé tried growing in the industry since it was a passion of his.

Despite our efforts to try making it in the small town with our heads just above water, we could not move forward, it almost felt like the harder we tried moving forward, we would end up going backward.

We decided to move to Port Elizabeth to stay with my parents (so lucky to have them), but losing everything we owned, except for our clothes. It is difficult to get around in a city that is far larger than the small town we lived in, where it would take us 15 minutes to half hour to walk to work every day.

We struggled on a daily basis walking to and from where we needed to go in Kleinmond, come wind or rain, everything was about half an hour apart, however, in Port Elizabeth, you cannot rely on your legs to get you everywhere, especially with a 20 month little boy.

To get to the bottom line, we need help to get a car so that we can have transport between work, crèche, and home. This will be a major step forward that we need.

We would appreciate all the help we can get, hopefully, we can move forward with our lives here in this town and give our son a better future.

We are happy to answer any questions if you have any.

Thank you so much for reading, if you can’t help, please share. Have a blessed year!


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