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My husband, Vishnu Kistensamy, aged 39, has lead a tough life. Since the tender age of 2, he lost his mother, and his father passed away when he was 15. After his mother passed on he was raised by close family relatives. As a teenager in high school, he excelled in academics and sport and was the head boy in his primary and high school.

Vishnu was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS), which is an incurable disease, in 2007. He has suffered numerous relapses since, which have had detrimental effects regarding his physical abilities and scarring on the brain. A recent relapse in September this year has left him bedridden.

We are happily married for 5 years and 2 months. He is a wonderful, loving, caring husband and I could not have made a better choice. I would do anything for my husband to be happy although he has never asked anything of me. I worry about him, as he is at home alone during the day and gets depressed due to the circumstances he is in. I am also concerned that when I am not with my husband, he might have a relapse. He has tried to apply for an SASSA grant, but has been unsuccessful in obtaining it. Not a day goes by without me worrying about him when I’m at work. Vishnu has been positive about living with MS and encourages others with MS not to give up, and to make the most of life that God has granted us. Vishnu and I have become board members of the MSSA (Multiple Sclerosis South Africa) Inland Branch(www.mssainland.org.za) where we assist in the awareness and fundraising for MS sufferers. Vishnu has always worked prior to the last relapse and was able to drive.

I know that Vishnu is frustrated as he is unemployed due to his limited mobility and feels he is a burden as he cannot provide financially. He has mentioned that he has been doing research on how to improve his mobility.

He has contacted a company, Proffessa Health Services, to inquire about a FES device which assists in the movement of the leg and arm. These devices are often used for patients with Cerebral Palsy and MS. He was made aware of the procedure in order to attain one of these devices and how much it would cost. It is costly and I am sad that I cannot afford this device for him as I know how desperately he wants to do normal, daily things. 

Vishnu’s wish is to be more able so that he can find employment in order to help me financially. My only wish is for my husband to live a comfortable life and enjoy the simple things, like being able to put on his clothes comfortably, shake hands with someone by using his right hand instead of his left, use a fork and knife, walk on the beach or in a park and participate in his favourite sport, cricket. I would give anything for Vishnu to live a normal, happy life, I feel that he deserves a lot more out of life because of all that he has been through and continues to go through everyday of his life.

Any donations would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance.

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