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Hi everyone.

My name is Sabrina.
Since I was 14 years old, I would struggle with bad heartburn, we then went to various doctors, did so many tests and gastroscope to get diagnosed with stage 3 reflux and 10cm hiatal hernia. After many years it has just progressively got worse. In 2015 I went for a gastroscope and found that I had bleeding ulcers. I have been warned that it can lead to oesophagus cancer. Something I don’t want.

In 2022 I started to get bad cramps in my stomach as if someone is stabbing me or cutting through my stomach. My reflux is just getting worse.

I started getting nauseous, throwing up all the time, the pain would go to my back and to my chest. I would crawl up in a ball from the pain. I struggled to eat because everything gets stuck. I’m always in pain and it’s exhausting.  In February 2023 I went for another gastroscope, and the doctor said my hiatal hernia has grown and my reflux is still bad. I’m on strong pain medication and on Panto 40mg but nothing is helping anymore. I am just in a lot of pain, tired, nauseous and can’t go on with my normal daily life because of the pain. Without having this surgery, I can die because of the ulcers or get cancer from it.

The doctor said we will need to do surgery to relieve me from the pain. I am booked for surgery for next Friday and got all the quotations for surgery.

I just joined a medical plan but because I already have an underlying problem, I have to wait 12 months. So, they won’t pay for my surgery.
I unfortunately don’t have a job and my husband doesn’t earn a salary big enough to help.

So, I come with a sore heart and ask if anyone would open the hearts to help me with donations to help me get this surgery. So I can start living a normal and healthier life.

I would highly appreciate it.

Total of the quotes estimate to R91 392.72.

Thank you.
Kind regards

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