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We are appealing for funds to develop and grow our equine facilities. We have an existing venue with 10 stables and large paddocks. However, much maintenance and upgrading are required.

This includes the painting of stables, increase training arenas, erecting fencing and planting grazing fields. We also require basic supplies including grooming equipment, basic veterinary first aid supplies, and horse tack. This funding will also ensure the well being of the horses by supporting the farrier, dentist, and veterinarian.

Horses Helping Humans is a centre that uses horses to help people cope in many areas. Whether it be Intellectual Disability, Autism, Bi-Polar, Depression or if you just feel that there is something missing in your, or your child’s, life.

We use calm, caring horses to aid us in this process. Participants work with the horses on the ground, doing various horse-care routines, from grooming to stable mucking to just spending time in their company, to grow a bond with the horse. This, in turn, allows for heart-to-heart sharing from both sides. We have horses/ponies of all sizes so this allows for all age groups to join. People that might have a fear of horses will have the chance to start with less intimidating animals to build up their confidence.

Studies and experience have shown that just a small amount of time spent each week working with horses has calmed even the most troubled minds and allows the release of endorphins. These are hormones related to happiness, which help people to calm and concentrate. It gives a sense of responsibility and purpose to each person that comes to the sessions. Violent outbursts have been seen to reduce in children that suffer from Autism and other behavioral disorders. With the owner on the premises, this allows for a 24-hour on call, so if you feel the need to come spend time with a horse at 2am, call and it will happen! In this way, each person knows that they are welcome no matter what, or when, and that Horses Helping Humans is their safe place.

Our aim is to allow everyone the chance to experience the love that these majestic, loving animals have to share, to help soothe what ails you. If the participant is physically and emotionally ready, we will also, on occasion, go on slow, steady hacks around the farm to truly experience the beauty and healing that nature has to offer.

Horses Helping Humans use some rescue horses, so not only are the horses helping humans, but humans are helping horses! Beautiful synergy! This is what love and care are all about!



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